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By sharing on instagram your photos
wearing our products

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We'd love to see our customers showing off our products! So, we've come up with the following game:

$10 to $30 Coupon

Take at least one nice picture wearing our products, upload it to instagram, tag us and we'll send you a $10 Coupon for your next purchase - If we select that picture to be published on our website, we'll give you a $30 Coupon!


$100 Coupon!

If you take 4 Photos or more wearing different products + a nice video, upload and tag us on Instagram and we select these product to be published on our website & social profiles, we'll sent you a huge $100 Coupon!

So, what are you waiting for??

As in all games, there are certain rules:

  1. Offer will be open to all participants from 13/11 to 23/11
  2. $10 will be offered if you tag us in a photo where you are dressed in a product from our store. Any other photos will not be elegible. You can publish as many products as you like. Each product will be selected individually.
  3. $30 will be offered if the photo you tag us is selected by our team to be published on our store.
  4. $100 will be offered if you meet the following conditions:
    • · 4 pictures from the same product and a short video of you wearing the product.
    • · Our instagram account is tagged with a recommendation from your instagram profile.
    • · If we select the product to be published on our website.
  5. $ will be offered in the form or a discount coupon to be used at our store, valid for 3 month.
  6. After you upload the photos to your instagram profile, please complete the following form in order to participate. Without filling in the form you will not be elegible.

The Form

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